These On-site Surveys As Stringent As Those Conducted At Hospitals And Other Facilities Evaluate Ascs On A Wide Range Of Demanding Clinical, Operational And Quality Standards.

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Connecticuts ambulatory surgery centers offer quality surgical care and perform about 200,000 medical procedures in Connecticut each year, in settings that allow doctors to exercise greater control over a patients surgical experience. Ambulatory surgery centers take patient safety very seriously, and the federal Ambulatory Surgical Center Quality Reporting program is one tool that evaluates the quality of services provided. In fact, operators of ambulatory surgery centers requested that the federal government initiate the quality-reporting program and are pleased that the data is now available publicly. ASCs are subject to rigorous oversight and independent inspections to assess each centers level of compliance with both state and national standards. These on-site surveys as stringent as those conducted at hospitals and other facilities evaluate ASCs on a wide range of demanding clinical, operational and quality standards. Quality and safety requirements include: State-specific licensure (e.g., ongoing inspection and reporting) ASCs that treat Medicare beneficiaries must meet federal government standards and demonstrate continual compliance with Medicares standards All ASCs in Connecticut are required to be part of a Patient Safety Organization , as are hospitals About 68 percent of the industry obtains additional accreditation from several leading organizations, including The Joint Commission and the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care ( AAAHC ) ASCs are making health care more accessible, and more affordable for patients and insurers, providing modern, innovative approaches for quality health care. Despite receiving significantly lower public and private insurance reimbursements than hospital-based facilities and paying taxes that hospitals are exempt from paying ASCs are making valuable contributions to the evolution and improvement of health care by advancing innovations in anesthesia practice, new medical devices and surgical techniques. For example, the industry has led the development of minimally invasive procedures and the advancement of technology to replace the intraocular lens. This procedure is now commonly used nearly 1 million times each year to restore vision for Medicare patients with cataracts. Once an inpatient hospital procedure, cataract procedures can now safely be done at an ASC at a much lower cost.611:1159-67. | Easton Wilson Blog

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